Dear Readers,


In my first edition of my BLOG, I told you about who I am and what motivates me to keep in shape.  In this second version, I would like to share with you my thoughts on how I get mentally ready for upcoming competitions.


I am to tell you the truth a little frustrated these days, as I don’t feel that I am getting in a better shape no matter how much I work out.


Right now I only have 58 days to go to my first big competition and it doesn’t help my situation that I am frustrated as this will only put stress on my body and mind.


When I get stressed out my body is struggling with water retention. This means that my weight is slightly higher and my visual shape is not at it’s best. I do know that the weight gain is not much but when you are training and eating healthy towards a big competition, then it is important that you can see the results to keep you motivated for the big day.


All of the above is what is happening to me and my body right now. This is not easy for me as I feel that I am at a standstill in terms of seeing the results of all the hard work I do every day. Furthermore, I am on a low calorie diet and that is not easy to deal with at the same time with only 8 weeks to go.


All this makes me doubt myself. I have thought about not competing as I have left the gym crying twice the past two weeks. This is how frustrated I am about not seeing results. My motivation has completely vanished and I feel down mentally. This is not the way to feel right before a competition, you are supposed to be feel top motivated and excited.


With all this in mind, I have now come to a conclusion. Either I stop what I love so much or I find new ways to empower myself.


I chose the latter… I am now working with Sanne Mose & Mathias Hald that owns Team Limitless in Aalborg on new training methods that will get me ready for competition day. I am happy to share with you that I can already feel the difference as I feel more relaxed and my body weight has gone down.


As a part of getting top tuned, I have taken up my morning exercise again of 45 minutes power walk six days a week before I have breakfast. This means that I have one day a week where my body rest. The other six days a week I usually train 45 minutes in the morning and then again 2 – 2 ½ hours in the afternoon.


To top it all off, I am also working on eating more calories to increase my metabolism. This is most likely the reason why I have felt that my shape had come to a standstill.


Thank you all for reading my BLOG. Lots of love from a much happier Isabella - who is now motivated and headed against new heights.